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  Welcome to David Ghazawy's Arabia Exotica
The GA Ocelot Group
Head Quarters:
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Key People:
David Ghazawy, Founder.
Yacoub Magdi Habib, Art Director.
Art and Entertainment
Operating Income:
Undisclosed (2007/2008)
Ghazawy Arts (1999)
CairoGiza Pictures (2006)
Uraeus Rising (2006)
Arabia Exotica (2007)
Arabia Erotica (2007)
The GA Ocelot Group (GAOG) is an Australian developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of Art and Entertainment Content. The Group was established in 2006 by David Ghazawy to galvanize his vision of a multi-faceted entertainment company; subsequently bringing in subsidiaries Ghazawy Arts (GA), Uraeus Rising (UR), CairoGiza Pictures (CGP), Arabia Exotica (AE) and Arabia Erotica (AE).
In 1999 GA, then known as GP was established by David Ghazawy. According to the 1999 business plan, the company's original business goals were to grow a profitable company within a fiftteen year period and to "make films casting orientalism in a new light." However, since it's inception, GA has dealt exclusively with post-modern surrealism. It is only now realising its mandate.
Sales strategy
Ghazawy is determined to sell directly to buyers. Combined with the fact that David Ghazawy is pioneering new entertainment brands making sales growth more challenging; unorthodox distribution methods are being considered i.e. online distribution.
Corporate Affairs
- Ghazawy Arts

The Ghazawy Arts (GA) logo has undergone few changes in it's history. Originally (image below left) it bore the eye of Ra / eye of Horus symbol (wedjat). Due to Copyright considerations the logo was changed (image below right).

Images above: Original Logo design by Artist/Director David Ghazawy
- Uraeus Rising
The Uraeus Rising logo has undergone few changes other than getting a color makeover.
Images above: (left) Raw, orginal treatment for Uraeus Rising logo by Artist/Director David Ghazawy. (Right) Current treatment for Uraeus Rising by Yacoub Magdi Habib
- CairoGiza Pictures
Below is the first inception of the CGP logo
- Arabia Exotica
Below is the first inception of the Arabia Exotica logo
- Arabia Erotica
Below is the first inception of the Arabia Erotica logo
- Ghazawy Arts
."Radical by Design. Radical by Nature." - Founding tag line (1999 -2004)
."Quod nihil illi deerat ad regnandum praeter regnum" - Latin tag that accompanied founding tag line from 1999 - 2004.
."Modern Art. Ancient Origins." - Current tag line (2005 - Present)
."Embrace the Darkness." - Proposed tag line for 2010
- Uraeus Rising
"Showcasing Musicians from around the world" - Founding tag line (2006)
"Showcasing Artists and Musicians from the Levant" - Current tag line and mandate (2007)
- CairoGiza Pictures / Arabia Exotica / Arabia Erotica
Slogans for these subsidiaries are currently in the works
Exclusive Licenses
The GA Ocelot Group has successfully grabbed exclusive licenses to both Arabia Exotica and Arabia Erotica. Both brands are currently being developed by David Ghazawy and Yacoub Habib.
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